Sometimes as an actor, you get to give back and that’s the best gift




Dear actors,

A question from my heart.

The week before Christmas, 1 of columnists from azcentral whom you all know and love, Ms. Karina Bland, wrote a story about a little girl who is living at the Child Crisis Arizona Center in Mesa.

She’s 7 and just wants a family. This story touched my heart and after blubbering like a baby for ten minutes, I composed myself enough to write Karina an email of appreciation. She responded back and mentioned that the little girl said that all she really wants is someone to read to her at night because she gets nightmares.

I can do that. WE CAN DO THAT.

We will be donating this young lady a Kindle Fire and on the Kindle Fire, I’m hoping to upload dozens of stories for her to listen to before bed!

That’s where you come in. It’s a simple ask – all you have to do is record yourself reading a story of your choice appropriate for a 7 year old girl and send me the link at

You have several options to do this:


Audio books: Help us get downloadable audio books for her to have as a digital library
· Email MP3: If you feel you can upload clean audio as an MP3 file using an appropriate device or smartphone, please feel free to send me an email with the final MP3 file.

· YouTube: You may video yourself reading (again clean audio is needed) on your phone and upload the video directly to YouTube.

o Please record yourself in a quiet, enclosed space like a closet for best sound.

o When you upload, make sure you make it a private link. Only those with the direct link can access the video. Email me that YouTube link.

· Come in to record: We will be designating time to record in the sound studio next week January 4 – 8, during regular office hours. Please email me if you would like to reserve a spot to record while at the office.
· Your full first and last name

· The title and author of the selected book

· The reason why you chose this book
THAT’s ITTT!!!! Easy Peasy!

****BONUS: If you want to be an over-achiever, feel free to record yourself talking about one way to get rid of or deal with nightmares! 🙂

NOTE: “She’s in first-grade and can read chapter books, her favorites are from the “Magic Treehouse” series. The children in those books have great adventures. One day, she wants to go on an African safari and see a real giraffe”

Thank you all in advance for your part in making a difference in one child’s life. Small acts change the world.