Farley’s Finds: Film, Food & Favorites – March 23

Farley’s Finds: Film, Food and Favorites is a blog where I share with you things I love, who is deserving of a toast of whiskey for  being an awesome human or for doing awesome human things, where I’ll be (events) and what I’m looking forward. It’s sounds totally self-centered, but REALLY it’s because I stumble on some really amazing things other people are doing and I want to share them with you. Seriously.

Sharing the Love:  

I had no idea this existed until it was gifted to me, and ever since that day, my life has never been the same. There is such a glorious thing as the Pugmoji keyboard app. Yep. It is by Batpug and is exactly what it sounds like – dozens upon dozens of cute, meaningful, totally random, breed-diverse pug emojis to communicate any feeling, thought or passing whimsy you may experience. Granted it was slightly a pain to install, $1.99 to purchase (totally worth it) and you have to make sure you allow full access to the keyboard for it to actually work, but once you do it’s like a whole new Pugalicious world being opened up to you. Fellow pug lovers,  I highly suggest. Now my boyfriend is subject to receiving a Pug-a-day to brighten his day. Although, I think it really just brightens mine because I laugh every time I send one.


One area in my life that I always feel is somewhat lacking is musically. Usually when I go on Spotify I pick a different playlist depending on my mood or for the singular purpose of exposure to something new, but I don’t really devote any commitment to the process. An exception to that statement is when something strikes me – you know those moments where you’re brushing your teeth and mid molar swish you stop what you’re doing, mouth agape, toothpaste dribbling out into the sink, because you’re so caught up in what you just heard. It happened a bit back with the band the 1975 and then again the other week with the band Lucius. They get rave reviews from critics and I immediately understood why. There are two lead female vocals int the band that often sing in unison as often as they sing in harmony and it adds a cool weighty sound. They remind me of good 80’s music with more meaningful lyrics and a sincerity and playfulness that is balanced perfectly.



If you’ve seen me in person, it’s pretty evident I’m a girl that likes her products. I wear makeup everyday, I like to play with color and try new things and I’m not afraid to go bold. Sooooo when my girlfriend told me about Ipsy.com, I was elated! Basically you go online, click on ‘Get the Glam Bag,’ you take this quiz about your preferences and style, you register and agree to pay $10 a month and they send you a cute makeup bag filled with products to try. There’s everything from glosses and mascara to facial, nail and hair products and perfumes! I’m getting my first one in April and I can’t wait to see what I get!


A toast to:   

I’ve been trying to get around to do an interview with the guy for months, but you know, life keeps happening. I hope to actually feature him in one of the galleries I do with Artlink Phoenix. His name is Kyle Johnson and he’s a dad, but he’s also an incredible artist. What’s super cool about his work is other than his evident talent for pop art, is that his kids do his backgrounds. Yep that’s right, the kids get in there and paint, smear, splatter and basically do whatever they want to that blank canvas and then he creates something masterful from it. I love this. I’ll say it again – I LOVE THIS. I love that he is fostering and instilling art and creativity and freedom of expression in his kids and I love that it is the basis and the foundation of his work. Check out his stuff and buy one to support a cool local dad artist!





Sometimes you meet people who are mad talented. Janelle Jones is one of these people. It happens to be that she is also a beautiful and remarkable person. She is a strong, brilliant, independent and driven woman and a role model for aspiring artists. The girl is a badass dancer and choreographer, she’s a gifted actor with amazing comedic instincts, she’s stunning and original and she’s got a webseries that is a lot of fun to watch! She’s actually up to win a webisode competition right now, so give her episode a watch and a vote!  This lady is going places and watching her skyrocket to the top is wild and amazing process. I couldn’t be more excited to see what she’s got next, because you know it’s going to be damn good.


Nate Kelly is a hero. He’s young, he’s ambitious and he’s fighting for video, content creation and digital focus and branding for a major company and he’s doing a hell of a job at it. I watch him work ridiculous hours, I watch him have the tenacity of independent filmmakers making things work with the resources he has and finding innovative ways to continually advance. On the night of the Arizona preliminary presidential election he did our first azcentral live broadcast with an election show. It was awesome to watch him in his groove and I knew he was exhausted. Appreciate his work ethic and his dedication and I’m proud to work alongside him.



Out and About:


Improv AND Scene Study classes taught by Melissa Farley  



COST: Free your first time, $10 per class, $5 if you bring a friend
ADDRESS: 200 E. Van Buren St. Phoenix, AZ 85004 – Through March
PARKING: IM or email me and I’ll tell you where to park
TIME: 6:30 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.
Please RSVP by emailing me at MelissaAnnMarieFarley@gmail.com. 



Fall Out Boy Concert

When: 7 p.m.

Where: Talking Stick Resort Arena in Downtown Phoenix

Cost: $$$$




improvMANIA Show

When: 7 p.m. family friendly show, 9 p.m. adult show

Where: improvMANIA, 250 S Arizona Ave, Chandler, Arizona 85225

Cost: $10


Can’t wait for:  

Each week it’s such a pleasure and an honor to host and create segments for azcentral.com! Thank you to everyone for watching, reading and supporting me in this! I love it and I love you for watching! Tomorrow night I’ll be going to my first dinner event as part of the National Association of Professional Women and hope to learn a lot about social media. Friday night I am seeing my all time favorite band, whom I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing FYI, Fall Out Boy!!!!! Saturday I’ll be working on finishing designing my shoe for Inspired Soles, taking an orientation class to become a volunteer for the Phoenix Film Festival and meeting up with a new friend. I wish everyone a wonderful Easter Sunday – may you find many eggs!