Farley’s Finds: Film, Food & Favorites – January 20

Farley’s Finds: Film, Food and Favorites is a blog where I share with you what I love, what is deserving of a toast of whiskey, where I’ll be (events) and what I’m looking forward to this upcoming week. It’s sounds totally self-centered, but REALLY it’s because I stumble on some really amazing things other people are doing and I want to share them with you. So there!

Sharing the Love:  

I fell in love with rock climbing! It’s possible that I suck at it. It’s equally possible that I had no real idea what I was doing the entire time I was there, but none the less, I loved the heck out of it! It’s a full body workout and requires you to be singularly, purely focused on what you’re doing. There’s no way to not be in the moment. There’s also something really exhilerating when you are at the top and you have lean back, trust and push back. Really quite a thrill!  We tried AZ on the Rocks which was great, but there’s a couple different rock gyms around the Valley.


Over the weekend we took my parents on a day trip to Kartchner Caverns. It had been something my mother had talked of wanting to do for years so we thought a trip there would be a great Christmas gift for them. Last time we did the Big Room tour and this time we did the Throne Room and it was equally fantastic. What was also fantastic was that on the way home we stopped for tamales at Tucson Tamale Company and it was the best freaking tamale I have ever had in my whole life. They had veggie tamales, dessert tamales, meat – they had it all! We loved it so much we even bought a frozen pack to bring home. Now we are on a quest to find tamales of such caliber in Phoenix! Oh and their art was fantastic too – great local artists!




I was always taught growing up the Tarot Cards were evil – a portal to spirits and ungodly energy. Turns out that there’s a whole history, artistry and practice of Tarot Cards that has nothing to do with fortune telling or spiritual components at all. We bought a deck and have been researching all about the origins and different designs and I’m finding it all quite fascinating. I still haven’t done a reading but I’m working up to it. 😉



A toast to:   

So there’s this girl I know who is super cute and super funny and totally quirky and happens to be a comedian named Angela Merkin Haines … Yes, that’s right, Merkin. Quite possibly one of bravest things you can do in life. She’s a heck of a lot of fun to have conversations with because she is always saying totally unexpected and inappropriate things and is a true delight. She just happens to have a show coming up on Feb. 1 at 8 p.m.,  and I think it would be blast to have a bunch of people come out to get drunk and create uproaress laughter and support for her. I’m fairly positive that my boyfriend has a bit of a crush on her, but it’s ok – you probably will too after you meet her.



Let’s continue the comedy kick, shall we? This guy Zack Lyman is really sort of a genius. He does 10 second jokes on Instagram, has a podcast which is available on iTunes (which I will be appearing on in the very near future) and you can follow along on his hilarious quests at Zack Lyman Alive on Facebook.  He’s also an overachiever in life and has been working on a comic called Lindsay where she battles a mad scientist and struggles with life, which you can get here.



Shepsut Wilson is funny so she fits right in this brunch, but she’s also a talented actor, has a smile that could light up Times Square in NY and is the new host of CW6 show ‘Politics in the Yard.’  The girl has got mad hustle and deserves all the success in the world and more. Check out her show!  Oh and her company the Urban Remix which is a creative business focused on clothes, bottles and art! PS – I’m pretty sure my boyfriend has a crush on her too .. It’s probably because every time she sees him she says his name in a British accent. No one can resist accents …



Out and About:


Improv AND Scene Study classes taught by Melissa Farley  



THIS WEEK: Strength in weakness. Finding power in your vulnerability.
SPECIAL NOTE: We will be recording actors reading bedtime stories for a 7 yr. old girl at the Child Crisis Center this week during class. Please bring your favorite childrens book!
COST: Free your first time, $10 per class, $5 if you bring a friend
ADDRESS: 702 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85004
TIME: 6:30 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.
Please RSVP by emailing me at MelissaAnnMarieFarley@gmail.com for Tuesday, Jan. 26.
Love & Respect – Mel 




“Creating Sci Fi” will feature local experts discussing how to create effective science fiction. Find out answers to questions like:

“How do you go about constructing a new world?”
“How can you still make sure the story is still king?”
“What are some tips for creating believable sci fi with a low budget?”


Cassandra Nicholson – Screenwriter/Filmmaker/Film Festival Coordinator

Nathan Blackwell – Director, Creator of Voyage Trekkers and owner at Squishy Studios

Tony Severe – Screenwriter/Director, Creator of Soulless, the Series and owner of MindSteam Films,LLC

Joe Gruberman – Writer/Producer/Director/Educator, Special Effects for Indies, Bronck’s Park Productions

Rustin Odom – Creator of The Index

More Panelists TBA

Bring your questions and talk to our panelists! AND…bring your business cards for networking with others in the local filmmaking industry and a door prize. Although you DO NOT need to be an IFP Member to attend any Filmmaker Fusion events, if you are an IFP Member, bring your IFP Membership card for a chance to win a special prize!


Wednesday, January 20th, 2016
7pm – 9pm

Scottsdale Community College (Room SL-116)
9000 E Chaparral Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85256

SCC Campus Map: http://www.scottsdalecc.edu/about-scottsdale/college-maps-directions/scc-campus-map

Directors, writers, producers, DPs, Editors, Actors … anyone interested in filmmaking!

FREE event – open to the public

Filmmaker networking with a purpose! Making professional contacts, referring and recommending fellow filmmakers, meeting new people and learning about a hot topic from a panel of industry professionals. The third Wednesday of the month, most months.


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Each week it’s such a pleasure and an honor to host and create segments for azcentral.com! Thank you to everyone for watching, reading and supporting me in this! I love it and I love you for watching! This weekend I’ll be going up north for a little getaway in the snow and I am very much looking forward to a little peace and relaxation! Have a beautiful week!