Farley’s Finds: Film, Food & Favorites – December 8th

Farley’s Finds: Film, Food and Favorites is a weekly series where I share with you what I love, what is deserving of a toast of whiskey, where I’ll be (events) and what I’m looking forward to this upcoming week. It’s sounds totally self-centered, but REALLY it’s because I stumble on some really amazing things other people are doing and I want to share them with you. So there!

Sharing the Love: 

I love following artists on Instgram. I think it’s a great platform to discover new and emerging artists because they can be as prolific is they want and share their visual creations constantly. I saw a featured artists that does painting and textiles based out of San Fran. The work is bright, alive and fun! Follow KINDAHKHALIDY for a burst of color into your life!


Shopping local has really become a point of pride for me. I’m happy to say that I knocked out a good chunk of my Xmas shopping at The Phoenix Flea which was held at the historic Heritage Square in downtown Phoenix. I got everything from a vintage camera and book bundles to one-of-a-kind usable art pieces and cups. It was exciting to see how packed it was too! Way to go Phoenix for supporting small business!


I absolutely fell in love with a film called ‘Sunflowers’ that screened at The Filmstock Film Festival over the weekend. It is a Malaysian film about life, death, family and growing up. It touched every single little crevice of my soul. I found myself so genuinely caught in the story that I barely noticed the subtitles – it was human and real and touching. Yes I cried. A lot. To be fair, I even saw a lot of strapping young lads dabbing their eyes with tissue. If you only watch one indie short for the rest of the year, let it be this one. 

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BvBkya5mIY


A toast to:  

I met a filmmaker named Siciliana Trevino over the weekend that told this beautiful story in a short film called New Mo’ Cut, about some discarded film that was thrown into a dump that was originally shot by the screenwriter of Blade Runner, David Peoples, yes the actual Blade Runner. It was shot at the opening of a treasured, local bookstore. I just found the whole thing charming and serendipitous. I also found the meeting fortuitous because she runs a YouTube channel called Quirkeley which is all about the small town she lives in. Wouldn’t you just know it – I’ve been looking for guidance on how to do just that! Thank you universe. Plus her date was her mom, so you know I felt like totally kindred spirits with her.


I love talented people. Even more than that, I really love talented people who are honest. People who are honest about who are they and what they do and that includes what they do wrong. David Marsh is one of those people. He owns a clothing company called After Hours Agenda that features some of the hippest, slickest designs inspired by pop culture on some of the best, most comfortable fabric you will ever have touching your body. I still sleep in one of his shirts pretty much every night and plan to rock one from his new line at my upcoming Star Wars Party. The company looked like it was about to fade off into the sunset rather ingloriously for a bit there, but David took time to reinvent himself and the company and it’s better than ever. Toast of whiskey to you and your limitless potential my friend.



My next shout out is a general one but an important one. I’d like to take a second to recognize all of the people that volunteer. I don’t care where you volunteer – whether its at museums or non profit organizations or your local church. This week, I survived a three day film festival and it was all thanks to the army of volunteers we had who so graciously sacrificed their time and poured their energy and hearts into making the festival awesome. We couldn’t have done it with out all of you. An extra special shout out to miss Windy West who was recognized for efforts such as these, with the Barry E. Wallace award this year!


Out and About:


Improv taught by Melissa Farley  

IMPROV EVERY TUESDAY!!!!  NEW TIME IS NOW AT 6:30 PM! COST: Free your first time, $10 per class, $5 if you bring a friend ADDRESS: 702 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85004 TIME: 6:30 P.M. – 8:00 P.M. NEW CLASS: Starting Tuesday, December 1st I will be teaching a 6-week Scene Study class that will be held immediately following improv class from 8 – 9:30 p.m. It will be $150 for the six weeks. You can pay in full or in installments. Please RSVP by emailing me at MelissaAnnMarieFarley@gmail.com for improv and/or the scene study class. 



It is that time of year again – Phoestivus is happening Thursday December 10th and 17th, 2015! Give the gift of local, handmade goods for the holidays this year. We will host the sixth annual holiday market in downtown Phoenix at the Phoenix Public Market, which focuses on locally grown and produced goods!

I’ll be telling a live story! Come out and say hi 🙂


Artist’s Box 5th Graduation Showcase!

Come join us for a night of amazing scenes starring our newest graduation class! Our Students have been working very hard to give you the best hour of your life. 😉 Come enjoy the scenes and the afterparty at our amazing hosts Synergistic Studios.
Tickets are $5 dollars at the door.

Graduating students: Berkeley Taylor, Rob Hemen, Susan Jude, Valentin Navarro, Amy Jean Page, Natasha Kong

*Please Note: Due to adult themes and language, this is not a kid-friendly show.

Thank you.


This show is part of the Phoenix Festival of the Arts 2015, with three screenings of the same show. More info on the festival, use http://www.phoenixfestivalofthearts.com/

Short Film Frenzy
Presented By No Festival Required
Showtimes: 1pm, 2:30pm, & 4pm
Duration: 60 minutes
Description: Short Film Frenzy is a compilation of documentary and narrative short subject films from Arizona filmmakers, curated by Steve Weiss/No Festival Required. Subjects include gender transition, skateboarding the Valley, and the unnatural sounds of nature. Disclaimer: “Short Film Frenzy” contains adult themes and language.


Anna Augustowska
Juanita Barreto
Rowan Burkam
James Choe
Jonathan Galan
Josh Kasselman & Stephanie Lucas
Liz McDaniel
Scott Van Tuyl
Steven Yazzie

Can’t wait for:  Each week it’s such a pleasure and an honor to host the Things to Do Weekend segment for azcentral.com! Thank you to everyone for watching and supporting me in this! I love it and I love you for watching! This weekend I’ll be enjoying the luminaries at The Desert Botanical Garden for the holidays, I’ll get to tour an air park in Tucson and then on Friday night it’s Star Wars night with at The Phoenix Suns Game! It’s going to be a fun week!