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The act and art of letting go


I was sitting in the sky suite at Arcosanti looking at views that  Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas took in at some point in  their careers as I wrote this. Coppola was here to research a film that  has yet to be made called ‘Megatropolis,’ a script that is personal for  him. Stories go that he came for Soleri’s birthday and made the  residents dinner using eggplant from his gardens in Italy. He always  did seem like cool guy. I saw him speak at SDCC a few years back and  was thrilled with his genuine nature. He seemed like Uncle Felix  from  “Christmas in Connecticut,” – curious, rambunctious and  honest to a  fault.

George Lucas was here getting inspiration for Luke’s home on Tattooine, which it totally does look like by the way. My R2D2 phone case feels totally at home here. One of the first things I said when we arrived was that I feel like I’ve been plopped into the middle of a sci-fi movie.

It didn’t help that when you first walk in there’s a Starfighter RV in the parking lot and a note about how contrary to popular belief this is not the site of an alien invasion or plot to take over the world. Suuuurrrrreee ….

For those who don’t...

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