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Act like it’s a game & see how much fun it can be

10689533_10204089064240592_5167027988256320721_nLast week I got sucked into a blog hole. It’s like a black hole of blogs. I just kept getting pulled from one to the next to the next to the next. One of the blogs I stumbled on was on called “Why ‘I Love You’ Are The Three Scariest Words In The World.” I read it once through. Then I read it again. And finally I read it a third time.

I never used to be one of those people that thought love was scary. That goes for love of anything – love of a person, love of a passion, love of a place or a feeling or even to love yourself. I guess that was before I realized love can hurt you; it can destroy you. It makes perfect sense, all of those annoying country songs and boy band pop ballads and Disney princess pleas about how love is a risk … but it truly is. Because love is openness. Love is consciously opening up your heart and soul to something with no guarantees, no promises, no contractual obligations or even-stephen deals that the world will show you love back. You hope it will, but it doesn’t have to.

The first time love strikes you down with that first heart-wrenching break up or that first time being fired from your dream job or that first time you lose something that means...

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Love acting more than you love being an actor

1472752_10204030016164427_8577460286874884427_nActors Access, Tips by Amy Jo Berman, even sometimes Backstage regularly post inspirational quotes from well known actors. A while ago I saw one from Bradley Whitford that said, “Make sure you want to act more than you want to be an actor. That is what will sustain you.”

I see these quotes all the time and often share them on my Facebook actor page or Twitter, never taking more than a few moments to acknowledge that I like the quote or agree with what was said or affirm myself with the words of motivation. This one, however, became sort of an obsession of mine. I started dreaming about it, found myself wondering about it while I brushed my teeth in the morning and drooled on my shirt or while I batted my cereal around with my spoon at breakfast.

It seems so deep, so layered and intrinsic. I have no idea if that was Mr. Whitford’s original intention when he allowed those words to escape his lips or if it was just a casual “Hey, this is probably a smart thing to say” kind of statement, but uncovering an honest answer within myself became a quest...

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