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Act your age: A lesson in growing up

10527769_10203863289996377_5136911269695311210_nIt’s October and the heat is still intense in good old Arizona. I’ve been working in a lot of venues without air conditioning lately, either because of filming or recording voice over, both of which require the AC to be shut off, or for setting up events. The heat can actually get smothering sometimes and I feel strangled  by it, choked, as if the thickness of it is just going to consume me and I’ll implode.  This hint of claustrophobia sets in as everything in the world feels like it’s burning against my skin as the rays of the sun beat down and remind me it’s another day; another gift of precious time and I can either waste it or optimize it.

I don’t know if it was the cooler air or what, but today was the first day I woke up feeling like I wasn’t being suffocated. I woke up feeling like I had options. There seemed to be multiple routes to either wasting or optimizing my life and I felt more free to play with those options. The consequences no longer scared me because it’s all temporary. The love, the pain, the successes, the failures … they all fade and swarm into a new beast of life.

I find it odd to admit that I can’t tell which one I’ve bee doing lately – the whole wasting ...

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