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The act is over, take a bow baby

10253932_10202918842185772_7785155898757523882_n” Sometimes I feel stuck between worlds – Too liberal and sexual for religious acceptance, yet not extreme enough to be alternative. Too geeky to be cool but not nearly geeky enough to be a nerd. Too work-oriented to be considered an artist, but not professional enough for the corporate world. Too cute to be considered average but not pretty enough to be a model. Too talented to quit but not talented enough to make a living out of it. Too much love to give away and no one to give it to except for the ones whom I don’t want to share my heart with. I live in the in-between, in the gray, in the space that fills the gap like something not fully materialized …”

That was my post earlier today on Facebook after realizing that a faith based film company wasn’t going to contact me because my image was too sexual, after realizing that a faith-based film that I already did and their production company had abandoned me because they didn’t like a post I made about having breakfast in bed with my ex and now they’re making a million dollar movie and want nothing to do with me (and to be honest, neither I with them because they are so far removed from God it is to the point of illusion)  and aft...

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