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An act of surrender

10152485_373396712803399_3650975024143466471_n So normally I’m either ferociously tired to the point of delusion, when I first feel inspiration to write, or on my way out the door slated for a full day of activities and engagements which doesn’t allow for a moment to sit down and put pen to paper; or digits to keyboard I suppose I should say. This occasion is no different as I sit in a Mickey Mouse T-shirt and my underwear after a 12 hour shoot followed by a disgustingly early full day’s shift of work and have already taken a sleeping pill and stomach muscle relaxer (which also causes drowsiness, in case you didn’t know that) for the developing ulcer I have recently acquired due to an Excedrin addiction. We all have our vices …

It’s like all of those cheesy sitcoms from ‘The Wonder Years’ to ‘The Goldbergs’ where I’ll be brushing my teeth and suddenly, there it is … my inner dialogue narrating the events of my life. Granted, it is not the voice of an adolescent boy beefed up with wisdom from wordly knowledge and sweetly balanced with innocence, it’s just me.

I started thinking the other day about how life tries so desperately to teach us the same lessons over and over again; to the point where if l...

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Return of the Mel: Actor with a mission

1796418_10202539957233885_1156141749_nIt’s been quite a while since my last blog post. You know what they say, “Good girls keep journals, bad girls don’t have time.” That’s probably true but not entirely applicable to me; I’m just trying to make myself sound like more of a badass than I actually am. Truthfully, I’ve just been taking some time to “transition” and ease into this new life. (Warning, I’m using a keyboard that you literally have to death punch the ‘r’ and ‘y’ keys to get them to work so if you are concerned about the decrease in my intelligence, please rest at ease)

I’m in a good place. I haven’t been able to say that for 3 years. I have a job that I love (thank you God for divine intervention), my financial situation somehow seems to be miraculously improving, I’m getting fit and healthy again, have traveling plans which is always an excitement factor for me and am finding more and more reasons to smile each and every day. Sometimes they’re quite small like finding a Dove chocolate on the desk at work o sometimes it’s something worth really celebrating big time like being divorced.

I read an article by some writer about “10 things I learned from getting divorced in my early 20s’ It’s very, very fair to say...

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