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Act while the iron is hot

969918_10200563032412000_1654425310_nThis will be a quickie, which I don’t normally do in life or in blogging, but hey, when inspiration strikes …

I finished reading a book today of a three part series that has really had a profound impact on my life and it summed it all up with three points of wisdom at the conclusion.

1.) We are all One.

2.) There is enough.

3.) There is nothing we must do.

On reflecting on these three points I had these thoughts:

1.) We are all one – I wrote a blog last week where I basically outed one of my exes. It has been weighing on my heart ever since and I wish I hadn’t done it. Not because I feel like I owe him anything but because I know the choices he makes and the way he lives is because he is already dealing with so much pain and hurt in his life and I’ll I have done is added more. I cannot make those words disappear or take it back, they are already out there and it wouldn’t matter if I apologized to him because he would not understand or accept it. The truth is, all I was trying to do was release and purge myself of my own pain, but that was not an effective or beneficial route for anyone for me to take...

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Don’t give me golden-coated poop and act like it’s gold

1477959_325844270891977_277742803_nI saw  a film last week that changed my life. It was called ‘Monk With a Camera’ about a man Nicholas (Nicky) Vreeland who was the son of a diplomat, the grandson of famed Vogue editor Diana Vreeland and born into a life of privilege and luxury. He realized at some point, that nothing ever quite satisfied the soul – no  level of fame, no material riches, no human relationship or status label could fulfill him. In a quest to do something with his life of true value, he ended up studying under Budihist guru and mentor Khyongla Rinpoche and eventually became a monk. Not only did he become a monk, but he became the first abbot of  Western decent.

One of his worldly passions is photography. He battles it constantly, not sure if his passion is an act of self-service or if it is of service to others. He spoke about how time and time again he kept trying to fight it and push it out of his life, but even the Dalai Lama persists “Take more pictures.” When he was young, he was an apprentice to one of the most famed fashioned photographers at the time Irving Penn and it was an obsession, a constant addiction...

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