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Practical tips for in-depth character preparation and development

PicMonkey CollageiceWhether you are working on a short film or a feature length production, character preparation and development is crucial, not only to constructing and fleshing out a believable character, but to contribute to the integrity of the film and storytelling as a whole. There are a lot of different approaches or techniques that actors use to develop a character and we are going to explore a few because I have found that when you approach life like a buffet (classy, I know) it provides you the freedom to pick and choose what works best for you.

The script is your gospel:

Let’s get Biblical here for a moment and say it all starts with the written word. I have found this to be particularly true if you are in the theater. Normally I find a local coffee shop or peaceful place to rest my bottom for a few hours and I read through the script in it’s entirety once, all the way through. This way you are able to familiarize yourself with major plot points, establish your relationship to all others characters in the project and are able to get a sense of the pacing and flow of the story. Then the mighty power of the pen comes in to play...

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Acting out against the world

1520770_10202052297682701_814163089_nIt’s 15 days into the new year and it’s not what I thought it was going to be, or should I say, hoped it was going to be. My entire life has seem to be filled with attorney meetings, countless trips to the court, researching document preparations online, cluster migraines, stress at work and then trying to decide if I’m bordering on living in denial or trying to be positive amongst dire situations? Is there even a difference?

In the last days of 2013 and the fledgling beginnings of 2014, I’ve learned that I can lose all of my money in the matter of seconds, that I only have  very small handful of people in my life who truly care about me and that there is not nearly as much justice in our legal system as I had once believed. Being held liable based on technicalities and backwards legal stipulations puts a bit of a bitter taste in your mouth about the whole idea of doing what’s right and letting the law do it’s purpose to protect and serve the innocent. I call bullshit.

This has been a consistency in my life. I mess up, I get nailed. Simple as that that. Where other people are inclined to or able to get away with things or let things slide; I don’t and cannot...

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