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Driven by an act of God

1377988_10201519174834963_810643620_nThe last two weeks have been a living hell. One spiritual attack and emotional melt down after another. The good news is, we all have good days and we all have bad days. They can’t all be good days and they can’t all be bad days.

Timing is everything isn’t it? I had been reading ‘The Alchemist;’ a very profound, philosophical literary journey and I kept thinking, “What is the point? Why does everyone associate with this tale so deeply?” I figured it must be a fad or some connection I just didn’t have. I opened up the book to the page I had left off at weeks ago and in the first few passages it talked about how certain men of the desert are called “Seers” and they are feared by all. They do not read the future, but are able to understand the language of the universe to interpret the meaning of the omens of the present moment and from this, they make guesses as to that which the future holds. The most highly regarded seer in the book says that God very rarely reveals the future and when he does, it is because it is a future that must be altered.

I am a seer. I’ve always known that, at least for a few years now...

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A plan of “ACTion’

1381911_10201613212105836_313327125_nWhen I was a little girl I played this awesome exotic bird from the tropics. I remember the packages of feathers and amount of hot glue that went into the costume,not to mention a highly uncomfortable yellow poster-board beak. Flash forward and suddenly I’m playing the mom, one of only 2 human characters in a play about fruits and vegetables to a son who was probably even back then over 6 foot tall which looked utterly ridiculous next to a 4 foot nothing like me. Flash forward a few more years and I sported a platinum blond wig and black leather pants to play the stupid, gum-smacking girlfriend of an original musical that felt a lot like Little Shop of Horrors meets Happy Days.

Then came high school. As a freshman I auditioned for the theatrical productions not really expecting anything. I was one of few Freshman to get cast in A Midsummer Night’s Dream as Peasblossom and one of two freshman to be cast as Shark in West Side Story. I was hooked. My Sophmore year I was cast as Ophelia in Hamlet and continued to go on to land lead roles and perform in the theater my entire high school theater.

It wasn’t without “drama” as during my junior year my teacher moved to Kentucky and the repl...

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