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Giving is an act of kindness: Unwrap and enjoy the crap out of it

Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 4.29.00 PMEverybody always has something to say. Everybody has their own thoughts, feelings, opinions, advice and often times they share it whether you ask it of them or not. Why shouldn’t they, it’s their God-given right.

Often times it is something totally and completely innocent; said or done with the best of intentions. For instance, my mother does it all the time. She gets a little hint of how a situation in my life is unfolding or a small snippet of information aka access to one piece of the puzzle and suddenly she’s ready to make all sorts of assessments and judgement calls which all ultimately lead to me moving back home, giving up acting and staying eternally single. That is what she wants. That is what would make her happy. It is not what makes me happy. Usually. Sometimes there’s nothing better than cozying up with my stuffed animals in my old, little bed and having a warm plate of food shoved in your face and episodes of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ constantly playing on the TV. Come to think of it, that’s probably why she loves that show so much, because she can relate to Ray’s mother.

Then there are those that just feel a sense of entitlement and undeserved authority who wave arou...

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The act of adultery

1380474_10201600009455778_454487912_nI take a little tiny over the counter, generic sleeping aid pill each night. I skipped it for the first time the other night in a while and found myself laying awake for hours. My hearing became acute to every single creak, crack and settling sound in that house and I swear I was developing super hearing because I could almost begin to pick up the conversation being had by our neighbors. Either that or they were just voices in my own head in which case there is nothing super about that at all. It had been a rough couple weeks. There had been some things that took place that are life altering – not necessarily for me but for people I care very deeply about. I learned in a class the other day that scientists have found that the last thing  your brain audibly hears or sees must be processed through your consciousness 7 times before your brain allows you to fall asleep and can effect sleep patterns, dreams etc. depending on if that last thing had negative or positive associations. Theologically the number 7 can either represent a blessing or a curse. Isn’t that interesting …

I found myself thinking about death a lot. My death, my parents’ death, the death of those close to me...

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