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The greatest character ever created

Route 66I was taking a walk last week and for the first 15 minutes of the walk I was on my cell blabbing about some random industry BS with someone not even important enough to remember until I hung up my phone and started to actually paying attention to what was around me. What the sky looked like, what was beneath my feet, the sound each footstep made … A gust of wind brushed passed my face and this leaf danced in front of me for a few moments and as I watched it twirl and spin about carelessly I got this overwhelming sense that everything happens for a reason. Every tiny, little, miniscule thing is precisely intended.

I’ve always believed that on a larger scale– that there is a grand design by a grand master and that we are all creators, constantly shifting and shaping the world around us. But this was the first time that I was moved to feel it at such a base level and it gave me a warm peace. Most masters believe that there is only one force, one energy, one thread that we all share, therefore, we are not separate from God and God is not separate from us, meaning that there is nothing we are not capable of. It only requires us to live and be in full awareness all of the time...

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An actor’s love affair

Grief blog

On the set of Grief with Director Kevin R. Phipps

Photo courtesy of Mo Love

Sometimes I feel like a naughty little actor because I very rarely watch films that are depressing or heavy in nature which happens to be most indie films that actually have a pair of legs & get anywhere, but there is a reason for this. I’m sensitive. Don’t take that too lightly, it can’t be. I remember getting so insulted in junior high during a fight with my then best friend when she said “Melissa you’re like a sponge! Whatever book you read, whatever movie you watch, whatever you spend your time observing you can’t separate yourself from those characters or random people and you take on their pain and their sadness and you think it’s actually happening to you!” Safe to say, I didn’t talk to her for 2 weeks after that. She was right, which is why it ignited my anger so fiercely and on top  of that, I really didn’t like the sound of it … made me sound sort of crazy and who in their right mind would want that?

As I grew to the matured, adult I am now (haha yea right) I have come to understand that my curse and blessing is that I experience extreme empathy and I use this as a tool in my acting career, in ...

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