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Friends, fellow filmmakers and big fat fakers

paparazzi 1Photo by Christopher Labadie Photography

There is something really sensational about the human spirit – how we live in a constant state of renewal and restoration. Think about all the times you have been screwed over, hurt, betrayed, taken advantage of, lied to, left behind, heartbroken, cheated … by friends, colleagues, family members, trusted elders …  but have you stopped trying? Have you stopped your heart from loving or from exploring the possibilities of what other love exists? I don’t know a single person that could answer yes to these questions in truthfulness.

We are chemically wired to seek out connection and fellowship with other souls. Our body physically responds to touch and emotional encounters in ways that science nor logic can deny that we are literally constructed to share our lives with one another in unity. This is where the pitfall of organized religion comes in and acts as a trap to mankind. Any person, power or organization that teaches you that you are somehow incomplete or lacking if you do not depend on them is an inhibitor and damaging to your soul...

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This film is AMAZING !!! Well of course you think so, it’s your film.

trash 1This theme has been shoved in my face the last few days as the Arizona Film Community is all abuzz with festival season. Just this morning I read a post on Facebook about one of the huge issues within our local film industry is the fact that everyone is blowing smoke up each other’s butts and saying everything is great when it is really just okay. It’s like we are all willing to bow down to the Gods of mediocrity. Also directors or writers are calling their own films “inspiring” or “brilliant” Of course you think that, it’s like your baby. Every parent thinks their child is the most beautiful, intelligent, talented, earth-shattering thing that exists. Right?

Honestly I’m not sure. I tend to fall on the opposite end of the spectrum, which in all fairness isn’t quite healthy either. I’ll compliment the poop out of someone else and in addition to that,  working in my particular field of business, you are trained to be extremely aware and apt at choosing your words carefully. Often you won’t hear me say general compliments like “You’re a great actor” or “that film was incredible” but instead I focus on the details.

I find what that person is actually proficient at i.e...

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How to become a celebrity – The answer might surprise you – All you have to be is you.

paparazzi 5I have interviewed quite a few celebrities in the past year as part of my journalism background and I keep searching for some common thread. It is about as scientific as I’ll ever get, hunting for some pattern or secret formula that I’ll be able to piece together based on their responses, backgrounds and professional paths. It’s a good thing I didn’t have a hypothesis and even better that I didn’t place money on it because in the world of entertainment it seems that all bets are off!

So far I’ve interviewed a 20 yr. old actress that started acting at the tender age of 2, has a mother that owned a theater and only does family-friendly material but still manages to have more credits to her name than most 40 yr. old actors and I’ve interviewed those that lucked into it by randomly winning nation-wide talent contests or stumbling into the right place at the right time with the right people...

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A universal truth for all actors, on set and off – Just keep it real, man.


It’s been pushed in my face over and over again … the same question. I can hear it echoing in my head like a broken record or that horrible song “Does that make you crazy” to which I always yell “Yes it does make me flipping crazy!” before turning the radio off and mumbling to myself like a disgruntled old fool. So what is this haunting question, this bane of my existence? “Melissa, when are you going to learn to say no?”

I don’t know. I had convinced myself that our culture is one that encourages you to always say yes. Say yes to spending money that you don’t have, in fact, we’ll even help you by offering you credit cards so you can at least feel like you have money that you don’t actually have to spend it on stuff you don’t actually need. Just say yes.

What’s that, you don’t actually believe in marriage and know that you’ve never been faithful in any relationship … not a big deal, just say yes when you see the ring and “I do” at the alter and if it doesn’t work it out we’ve got this nifty little thing called a divorce to get you right of it in a pinch, in fact we’ll make it so easy you can do it online in 15 clicks or less! Just say yes...

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