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When you’re an actor “Love is a Battlefield” Ain’t NO Joke

Melissa Farley Headshot (side)Before I started acting on a professional level I heard the expression, “When you date an actor it is like dating a cheater.” I didn’t get it. I get it now.

Acting was always a part of my life, no it was more than that, it was the one true thing in my life. I can think back on my school play in 4th grade where I dressed up like a giant, tropical Toucan, or the Food Groups play in 6th grade where I played the mom to a boy that was literally 2ft taller than me, and my first junior high play where I played a blond bimbo…I loved that wig, right up to high school when I saw my name next to Ophelia‘s for the first time. Yes those could just be a random selection of memories grouped together by a common theme, but these memories are my essence. They are my happiness. They are moments in my youth where time stood still and I felt a deep peace and knew that everything was as it should be. A faithful sweetheart love.

At the end of high school I was convinced into auditioning at the Thespian Conference...

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An actor with a case of missing identity

smcskp_1773_28779I’ve already “preached” about the whole “To thine own self be true” concept in a previous post, but last week I was presented with that age-old question “Who are you?” and I desperately wished that I had a rock to crawl under. I nearly almost slithered under the table when it was originally posed to me. In a moment all of these faces and recognitions of things and people that I am NOT flashed through my mind, but I couldn’t even formulate a complete sentence of who I was. Oh snap. Well what the heck does that mean?

Being annoyingly organized and slightly obsessive, some say compulsive, I decided to go back to my list of those that I am not in the hopes that it would become clear from the residue that was left over as to who I AM.

First of all, I am not, sadly, Leeann Dearing. I love Leeann Dearing. I was one of the first interns at the Dearing Acting Studio and spent a lot of time with the Dearings in a professional and personal environment and I don’t have a bad thing to say about the whole clan...

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It’s all just an act of faith…

smcskp_1807_28807Let’s get the worst part over with in the beginning – I am a Christian. I am not a Christian actor, but I am a Christian who acts. God is a huge part of my life and I feel, sadly, that most people don’t know that and for a very specific, pathetic reason. It is better to the masses that I do not speak of God at all, rather than speak of God and then post a controversial photo, clip or comment within the same 24 hour period. Most people tend to operate based on a strict standard determined by our society and organized religion, but I don’t. And now is the time for the warriors to rise.

I was raised in a Christian home and grew up in church. Those who know me on a more intimate level know that I was a victim of a cult experience run by a family member during my youth. They successfully robbed me of my identity, influenced me to separate and isolate myself from my parents and friends, and instilled in me an unbreakable sense of unworthiness. This has filtered into every component of my life, but where it has caused the most destruction is in the two areas I love the most – my relationships and my acting.

I never truly believe I am worthy to be loved or wanted...

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